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Balance and a sense of place are achieved through Kristicevich's use of natural materials in her eco-installations. She approaches her intuitive art-making process with an ephemeral philosophy, playing with the interconnection of nostalgic objects and textures that evokes a sense of place. Adopting a "leave no trace" approach when creating her eco-installations, Kristicevich is interested in the visual impact and creative imprint she can leave with the viewer. The process of collecting natural materials and the geographical location of the objects are very important to Kristicevich and play an integral part in her work. She uses the natural lines and textures of these found objects to create a nest-like shape that can be interpreted as a visual metaphor for reflecting on the past and the concept of home. A native of Southern Louisiana, she received her BFA from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2005 and a Certification in Regenerative and Ecological Design from ECOSA Institute in Prescott, Arizona in 2010.